Trimaran Sailing

Experience the best of Croatia

Trimaran Sailing is a boat sales and chartering company.  

We offer a new, unique product on the Croatian market, crewed trimaran chartering and other activites.

Travel wherever your heart desires, and enjoy the best of what Croatia has to offer!  

What is a trimaran?

 A Trimaran is a sailboat with three hulls.  One main hull and two floaters.  When sailing a trimaran, you will find that it is faster, more stable and comfortable than a regular sailboat. Between the main hull and the two side floaters is a fixed net, where passengers can lay comfortably and enjoy themselves while sailing.

 Trimarans offer a sailing experience unlike any other sailboat. Because of their build and design, they can sail almost anywhere, even in shallow waters.

 We sell and charter exclusively Corsair trimarans.  Corsair trimarans are built to withstand the toughest conditions and are also legendary for their resale value, making them one of the safest boat investments you can make today.

We are located in Marina Novi, right in the center of Novi Vinodolski, Croatia. Come visit us!